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The main trend we see in new web development requests is that business owners want their sites to accomplish work for their business. No longer is it good enough for a business web site to be a static commercial. Sharp business managers know their business goals and they are constantly trying to find more effective and efficient ways to attain them. SonicFog specializes in matching business goals to website capabilities. Click Read More below to view different types of business operations and ask yourself some of these questions:
Retail Stores
1. Can we sell our products on our website?
2. Can our customers easily find the products they need on our website?
3. Can we easily update our product offerings?
4. Can we manage our inventory from our website?
5. Can we identify successful marketing strategies from our website server logs?

Education Providers
1. Can we keep in touch with our students and families?
2. Can we communicate easily with our alumni?
3. Can parents login and see how their children are doing in school?
4. Can we accept online donations?
5. Do we have an effective web-based calendar?
6. Can prospective families easily find the information they need?

Restaraunts, Hotels, and other Reservation based businesses
1. Can we book reservations online?
2. Is it easy to update our menus and offerings.
3. Are online maps to our location easy to locate.
4. Can customers search our site to find the information they need?
Seminar Providers
1. Can we take reservations online?
2. Can our phone reservations populate the same database that our online reservations populate?
3. Can we track follow-on sales?
4. Can we produce reports that identify successful marketing strategies?
5. Can we automatically send reminder emails to our registrants?

Homeowners Associations and Local Communities
1. Can owners download our covenants?
2. Can we accept dues payments online?
3. Can we run online officer elections?
4. Can we take a simple poll of our home owners?

Churches and Charities
1. Can we accept online donations and tithing.
2. Do we have an online newsletter?
3. Do we maintain a database of donors and or parishoners?
4. Can we run an online auction?
5. Do we have an effective web calendar?
6. Can Music Ministry download sheet music and song demos?

Bands and Clubs
1. Do our fans know when and where our next gig is?
2. Do we offer downloads of our music?
3. Do we have a powerful photo gallery?
4. Can we embed video into our site easily?
5. Can we sell our tee-shirts and other memorbilia in our store?
6. Can we blog about experiences.
We didn't just make these questions up, these are web development solutions that we have provided to our clients after listening to their business goals. If you can communicate your business goals, we can help you craft web development strategies that will help you get there. SonicFog is more than a web design and web development company. We offer business consultation services that enable your web presence to help your business succeed.