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SonicFog launches unique website proposal process.

SonicFog launched our new online web development process to help our clients get through the proposal process quickly and effectively. Potential clients will answer a series of questions with images to provide examples of styles and funtionality. At the end of the interview, the client will have automatically created a mutually acceptable proposal. The proposal will include a deadline for SonicFog to produce the deliverables. The client will then have the option to chose a payment plan and a payment method before accepting or rejecting the proposal. See the process in action .

Proposal Process Includes New Technologies.

You may have heard of AJAX but you may not have seen AJAX in action. SonicFog has combined many functional technologies to create this process. Sure, we are showing off our skills a bit, but it also allows you, the potential client, the opportunity to get a taste of our capabilities. We are not a pictures and text web development firm. We have the skill set to bring powerful applications to your site. With SonicFog your site will be able to accept credit cards, produce reports, manage inventory, offer registrations, build community and much, much more.

We invite you to try our new web development proposal process. You'll find that you have the time to get your thoughts together without the high pressure of a face-to-face meeting or the distractions of a phone meeting. Just tell us about your requirements and our technology will deliver a complete proposal summary for your review.

Your SonicFog built website will help you leave the competition behind!

SonicFog Web Development