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Dear SonicFog Clients and Customers,

Happy New Year!

We, at SonicFog, have enjoyed over 12 years of serving your various needs on the internet. However, the time has come for us to move on from this chapter in our business lives and pursue other avenues. SonicFog Inc. will cease operations on Feb 15, 2013.

How does this affect you?  Hopefully, as little as possible. SonicFog has laid a groundwork for a smooth transition for your web based assets from our services to our close partner HostGator. We've partnered with HostGator for about 10 years and we have been very satisfied with their services and products and have full confidence that you will as well.

We are sending this email out to multiple mailing lists, so we apologize in advance if you receive multiple copies.

Domain Registration
If your domain is currently registered with us, your domain registration will be automatically and seamlessly transferred to HostGator effective immediately. When your next domain registration renewal is due, you will receive a billing notice from HostGator. If your domain is registered with another company, like GoDaddy or Network Solutions, there will be no change in your domain registration.

Web Development
There are too many options for Web Development services for us to cover it here. If you would like a recommendation from us, please email us and we will provide some possibilities.  In general, you are looking for a developer with proficiency in the Joomla Content Management System.

Web Hosting
We have developed a process with HostGator to move your website from our dedicated server to service with HostGator. The good news is that due to the volume of HostGators hosting business, you are probably going to save money. Additional good news is that HostGator has agreed to take on the bulk of the work required, making this an almost seamless process that will require a minimal effort on your part. We are targeting the month of January to have all accounts moved to HostGator with February as the backup month. Our server will be taken off line sometime in March 2013.

The Web Hosting Transfer Process
1. Use this link to go to HostGator

You will notice that the word sonicfog is in the link. This notifies HostGator that you are transferring from SonicFog services so that they know how to handle the transfer. It is important that you use this link on the link on our home page at http://sonicfog.com

2. HostGator Home Page
You will land on the HostGator Home Page. Click on the "View Web Hosting Plans Icon"

Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Plans are also available. If you are interested in these plans choose them using the icons just below the "View Web Hosting Plans" icon.

Choosing a Plan Discussion
a. If you are processing credit card transactions on your website you will need a private SSL and IP Address. So you will need a "Business Plan" (or VPS or Dedicated).
b. If you are not processing credit cards on your site you should be fine with Hatching (one domain hosted) or Baby (multiple domains hosted).
c. If you are not sure about your plan contact HostGator Sales at 1-866-96-GATOR

3. Choose Your Plan

4. Enter Your Domain Name

5. Complete the Billing Information and Click Create Account.

6. Receive your Account Information email.

7. Setup a file transfer with HostGator.  Contact HostGator Support or Sales to accomplish this.

8. Move your nameservers to HostGator. You will do this with your domain registration company in accordance with your Account Information email.

We hope that you will have a prosperous year in 2013 and look forward to hearing of your successes.

Tedd Caldwell
CEO and President
SonicFog Inc.
Genesis IngeniumThe owner of Genesis Ingenium LLC, a Seattle based architecture firm,  was looking to upgrade his web presence when he met some of the SonicFog partners at a professional symposium on Mercer Island. After a couple of design meetings SonicFog and Genesis Ingenium were able to render a new, attractive look and feel that incorporates the company's values and highlights their capabilities.

alt The Joomla Project announces the immediate availability of Joomla 1.5.22 [senu takaa ama woi].  This is a security release that addresses issues with all 1.5.x installs prior to and including 1.5.21 packages.  We recommend users upgrade immediately.

The Development Working Group's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community.

If you'd like us to upgrade your site to Joomla 1.5.22 and you don't have a support contract with us, we can do it for $35 for our hosting customers or $65 for non-hosting customers. Submit a Ticket to us to request this service.


SonicFog Location ChangeWe've moved, but not very far. In fact we are just around the corner into the Browns Point Town Center.

Please note our new mailing address:

SonicFog Inc.
1000 Town Center
Suite 180
Tacoma, WA 98422

St. Patrick's DayHappy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday SonicFog Inc. Yes, SonicFog Inc. was born on March 17th, 2000. We'd like to thank our customers for making our first 10 years a success as we look forward to serving them for the next ten. SonicFog wasn't always a web development firm however. We started out as a web portal for senior citizens called SeniorGlobe.com.  Later SeniorGlobe became an Internet Service Provider finally morphing into the web development company SonicFog after selling off the ISP business. Hopefully the good luck of the Irish will follow us for the next 10 years as well.
Fashioning FaithFashioningFaith.org is the latest client delivered site from SonicFog. This highly customized Joomla! based site provides resources access and news to over 8000 site members. We migrated this site from a Cold Fusion / SQL site to a Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP (LAMP) site on the the Joomla platform. Use the Read More link below to learn more about this sites custom functionalities.

Julia's Floral WebsiteWe are proud to announce the delivery of JuliasFloral.com, a new website for a boutique wedding flower designer in the Puget Sound region of Washington. This site features a eye catching design and productive functionality. Julia's Floral has been serving brides and grooms for many years and is headquartered in Edgewood, Washington.

This is the new reunion website for VF-33 a navy fighter squardron from Oceana Naval Airstation in Virginia Beach. Read more to learn why VF-33 chose a custom solution from SonicFog instead of a canned solution from Reunion.com or other canned solution provider


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