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The terms of service for Web Development and Consulting are in addition to our standard terms of service for Web Hosting and the use of our website. The Web Hosting and Use Terms of Service can be located at this link http://sonicfog.com/index.php/2007091763/web_hosting/terms_of_service.html

1.) Requests For Proposals - The primary way to request a proposal is to complete the online Web Development Interview. Additionally, Proposals may be requested via phone, email or by filling out one of our contact forms.

2.) Online Web Development Interview Proposals - This process generates an Accepted Proposal. The client inputs answers to standard development interview questions which electronically generates a non-visable list of development requirements. SonicFog's proposal to meet these requirements is generated by the process and is summarized at Step 10.

3.) Client Proposal Acceptance - Payment of the required down payment indicates client acceptance of the Online Web Development Interview Proposal. For standard written proposals, signature on the proposal document indicated client acceptance.

4.) SonicFog Proposal Acceptance - the generation of the Online Web Development Interview Proposal and acceptance of the client down payment indicates initial acceptance of the proposal. All generated proposals will be reviewed by the SonicFog staff. Final proposal acceptance will be sent by email within 5 business days of receiveing the client's down payment. SonicFog's Project Leader signature on a written proposal indicates proposal acceptance.

5.) SonicFog Proposal Modification - if, upon human review of a generated Online Web Development Interview Proposal, proposal modifications are found to be necessary, SonicFog will submit such modifications via email to the client. The client may either accept these modifications, make futher modifications or may reject the modified proposal all together.

6.) Rejected Proposals - proposals may be rejected by either party. The client may reject the proposal durning the Online Web Development Interview Proposal process or after a proposal modification has been made. SonicFog may reject the proposal during the human review. If a proposal is rejected by either party the client's down payment will be refunded by SonicFog to the client.

7.) Delivery Date - Proposal deliverables will be produced in a reviewable manner by SonicFog no later than the generated Delivery Date, the Modified Delivery Date, or the Adjusted Delivery Date. After the client review of the deliverables a schedule will be determined for final fixes and the final review.
  • The Online Web Development Interview Proposal process automatically generates a Delivery Date.
  • If necessary, after human review, SonicFog may offer a Modified Delivery Date under the terms of Section 5 of this document.
  • If down payment is to be paid by mailing in a check the Adjusted Delivery Date is generated by our system by adding 10 days to the normal delivery date. This allows SonicFog time to receive and process the down payment.
8.) Payment Plans - SonicFog offers two payment plans.
  • The Monthly Payment Plan - the client makes a relatively small initial down payment and then makes monthly payments to cover the rest of the cost of development and additional monthly services. The monthly payments continue as long as the SonicFog developed website is live on any web server. In any case, the absolute minimum term of payments is twelve (12) months.
  • The Fifty Percent Down, Balance on Final Acceptance Plan - the client pays half of the proposal price as a down payment before the start of the development project. Then, upon final acceptance of the project by the client, the client will pay the remaining balance.  Monthly payments may also be necessary if there are services to be rendered by SonicFog such as site maintenance or marketing campaigns.